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Firestarter and Cleaner

We are happy to still offer our wonderful firestarter and cleaning products for your wood and pellet stove units. When ordering your seasonal firewood or wood burning pellets make sure to mention that you would like to add-on one or more of the following products to your order. 

Gel Firestarter - $18
Firestarter Gel product stays where you put it and is easy to light. Applies easily, starts quickly, and burns cleanly. Ideal for starting pellet stove or wood stove fires. The alcohol based gel clings to the fuel to keep from running down into the grate or ashes.

Firestarter Flakes - $6
Firestarter Flakes Ready Lite is environmentally friendly specially formulated to burn clean and pure with a steady even flame. It is great to use to start wood stove, pellet stove, campires and fireplaces. Comes in an easy to reseal bag.

Firestarter Nuggets/Bricks - $6
No more newspaper...No more kindling, Just one is all it takes.Lightning Nugget firestarters are great for wood stoves, fireplaces, campfires and barbecues. These pine scented firestarters are made of highly resinous pitch-wood sawdust blended with a small amount of paraffin wax. They light easily and burn strong for up to 15 minutes.

Hearth and Stover Cleaner: Speedy White - $8
Speedy White Health and Stove Cleaner is biodegradable, non-flammable, highly concentrated super cleaner. It's specially formulated to remove creosote, smoke, soot and greate from fireplace glass, stove fronts and hearths - even BBQ grills. "All purpose" Speedy White cleaner replaces "single purpose" cleaners.

Anti-Creo-Soot - $18
Attacks Glazed Creosote & Soot. Helps prevent chimney fires.With over 20 years of making chimneys safer, Anti-Creo-Soot is the best go-to product for your chimney's health. ACS is a non-toxic and environmentally safe liquid manganese catalyst that attacks and destroys dangerous creosote and soot. 

Firestarter Gel & Firestarter Flakes
Firestarter Nuggets & Firestarter Bricks
Anti-Creo-Soot & Speedy White Cleaner
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Add-on one or more of these products to your order.