Premium Wood Burning Pellets

Bear Mountain Pellets 

We offer the highest quality premium wood burning pellets. The Bear Mountain Pellet is made of premium compressed sawdust with no additives or fillers. They burn hot, long and clean. Each bag costs $8.50, weighs 40lbs and available for purchase in 1/2 or full ton pallet of pellets for delivery.

  • 1/2 ton (25 bags) -  $212.50 + delivery & tax
  • Full ton (50 bags) - $425.00 + delivery & tax
  • Single Bag - $8.50+ tax

Delivery cost will vary by your location. Call to order yours today!
(661) 946-0151

BBQ Pellets

We continue to offer BBQ pellets in a variety of flavors. Each bag is 20lbs and is made by the same quality pellet manufacturing company Bear Mountain. You can add on BBQ pellets to your wood or wood pellet order for just $15/bag.

All flavors cost the same ($15/bag) and available in 8 flavors:

  • Washington Apple
  • American Hickory
  • Cascade Alder
  • Texas Mesquite
  • Sweet Cherry
  • Southern Pecan
  • Classic Oak
  • Maple

Specify which flavor & quantity you would like to add-on to your order

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    We are happy to provide delivery to the following:

        Lancaster            Lake Elizabeth
        Palmdale             Leona Valley
        Quartz Hill           Acton 


In 1988, seasoned forester Bob Sourek had a flicker of an idea. Pellet stoves were being introduced as an ecological and economical alternative heating source. Bob envisioned a future in which people would need quality wood-pellet fuel to burn in those stoves. In addition, his concern for the environment stoked his desire to generate a useful product from the mountains of sawdust and shavings pouring out from the many sawmills within the pristine Columbia River Gorge and Willamette River Valley in Oregon... Continue Reading at Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets
What to learn more about the Bear Mountain Wood Fuel Pellets and BBQ Pellets? 
    Get it directly from the source... Bear Mountain
Bear Mountain Premium Plus Wood Fuel Pellets contain significantly less moisture than the industry standard resulting in heating your home faster and hotter. Bear Mountain takes the time to dry pellets like no one else which means you get more fuel in every bag and you use less of that fuel to burn away excess moisture. Instead you use the fuel you purchased to heat your home, not dry your pellets.

Bear Mountain Premium Plus Wood Fuel Pellets are made exclusively from Douglas Fir with a hint of Western Red Cedar. We tightly pack our pellets only with these high-energy species, which gives you more heat. Review the full description below for more details on how the low moisture content and species of wood will give you the best pellet for heating your home with minimal cleanup. At the same time, heating with wood pellets will keep your carbon footprint as small as possible, which means great things for our environment. (source:
Why Burn Bear Mountain Premium Plus Wood Pellets 

    We sell the best because we want our customers to have the     best pellet fuel. In fact, we believe in the product so much     that it is the only pellet fuel we and our families use in our     pellet stoves. We believe in the quality of the pellets we sell.

    High Quality vs. Low Quality

        Burning premium wood pellets in your pellet stove will         decrease the amount of ash and gunky build up in the inner         workings of your pellet stove. Lower quality pellets put filler,         glue, ink, cardboard, and more into their product which         leads to less efficient heating and a lot more work to keep         your unit clean.
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 Delivery Area

    We are happy to provide delivery to the following:

        Lancaster          Lake Elizabeth         Littlerock
        Palmdale           Leona Valley            Pearblossom
        Quartz Hill          Lake Hughes           Crystalaire
        Rosamond         Acton                       Llano
        Neenach            Lake Los Angeles    Boron*
        Aqua Dulce*       Mojave*                   Cal City*

   Delivery charge applies to all areas  

    *Additional delivery surcharge for these areas
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Premium Wood Pellets - $8.50 per Bag

​BBQ Pellets - $15 per Bag